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Rie-Rie is one of the very few female rappers in the Colorado hip-hop scene and among even fewer who consistently puts out albums. In 2008, Rie Rie is trying to do it even bigger by releasing two albums at the same time. One of them, Ms. 5280, is a straight-up solo project that features production from old Rie Rie favorites like Playalitical and established beatmakers like Rocwilder. The other album, Rie Rie Presents: Tha Effect 2 Affect, is more of a collaborative with a bevy of guests. Colorado rappers like F.O.E., Chill, MDz, Dez, Julox, Swift and a host of others make appearances on the album.

“Honestly, I was able to really take my time on these projects,” Rie Rie said. “It’s my first works out of my own studio without punching a clock and rushing the process. It has been crucial to my development and my lyrical growth, presence, subject matter and overall quality of the new music.”

Some of that growth has also come with her work in Los Angeles. For some of the songs on the album, she connected with L.A.-based producer Soleternity of STTS (Streets to the Suites) and the Hustle House Entertainment group. The exposure to the new collaborations permeated her projects.

“Although, I’m typically thought of as ‘hard’ or ‘gangsta’, I spit uplifting, heartfelt lyrics too,” she said. “Check out songs like ‘Why I Cry’ and ‘100 Years Later’ on Ms. 5280 or my new single ‘Legacy’.”

While there are other female rappers in the scene doing their thing, ladies like SIsta D, Naijar, Ms. Solo, Joy C. Thompson, Rukus and a few others, none of them hustle harder than “Rie to the Rie.”

RIE RIE – Nominated at The BMA’s


President/CEO: Rick Warren


Cashman Convention Center Theater Sunday, August 26, 2007
VIP Red Carpet Ceremonies begin at 5:00 pm

Awards Show begins at 6:00 pm


Congratulations Rie Rie,

On behalf of the Black Music Academy Association Of America, our Hall of Fame inductees, honorees, our programs and our supporters, we proudly inform you that you have been officially NOMINATED by our selection committee of music executives, radio station programmers, music journalists, fellow musicians and entertainers to receive a BLACK MUSIC AWARD.

Your nomination is a very special honor because your peers and music professionals hold you in the highest esteem in submitting your name for selection. We are especially proud because you have made a great contribution to the legacy of music, and through the BLACK MUSIC AWARDS everyone will recognize your accomplishments.

The AMERICAN BLACK MUSIC AWARDS will be held on Sunday, August 26, 2007 inside Cashman Theater in Las Vegas. This formal “white-tie” attire event will be one of the most exciting, informative, and gala activities in Las Vegas, as we roll out the red carpet for our nominees, honorees, special guests and celebrity hosts.

You have been nominated in the following categories:


The uniqueness of the Black Music Academy Association Of America is we reach out far beyond the evening’s gala tribute. Our mission is clear: “We must recognize yesterday’s and today’s achievers, so we can build tomorrow’s leaders.” United behind this concept, those who are honored to nominate you so that you may also serve as an inspiration for young people preparing for their own destiny, while also honoring your greatness, as you have ascended to the top of your profession.

The BMA is currently operating programs throughout the Oakland San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas to help young people reach their destiny.

Our programs include the “Tools ‘N’ Talent” where skills are given equipment; The “Sounds Of Soul” is our mentoring and tutoring program. We also host the “Sounds Of Success” where we teach financial literacy and preparation for success; and are working to build The Black Music Hall of Fame, a monument to all those who have great contributions to music; and our “Living Legends.”

You will receive two (2) Gold VIP Admissions for yourself and a guest. We have made additional price accommodations for discount tickets for additional friends, family and supporters who want to be part of your big evening.

Our “Gold VIP” tickets available to your additional guests at a discounted rate of $45.00 (instead of $50.00); our “Silver” Main Floor reserved seating with the Nominees and special guests are only $25.00 for your guests, (instead of $30.00) and the seats on the balcony seats are just $20.00 for your guests.

Please contact our office at (702) 982-3390 to arrange for your additional tickets, directions to the theater, suggested limousine companies that are offering special BMA rates and other information. Please hurry so that your friends, family members, supporters, or additional group members who need discounted tickets will not be left out of this great show.

Congratulations once again,

Rick Warren, President BMA

23 July 2006
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5 March 2006
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